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The Optometrist of Brea, California

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The Optometrist offers all the services a patient could need to see their eyes back to optimal health. Whether you need an eye exam, treatment for an eye infection, would like a new pair of glasses or something else, we have the knowledge and experience on staff to serve your vision care needs.
If it is an eye exam you need, then allow us to help you using the Optos retinal scanner. This machine allows us to get a more detailed view of your retina. With this technology, we can examine your eyes and diagnose any issues with more accuracy than ever.
Using the Optos along with other advanced tools, we at The Optometrist are able to identify vision problems like cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma and more. You can rely on us to diagnose any eye-related issues and respond with the appropriate treatments and resolutions, whether these conditions are the result of conjunctivitis, high blood pressure or otherwise.
Eye test — Optometry, Vision Care in Brea, CA
In addition to providing eye exams and treatments for various eye diseases and conditions, we also sell brand new lenses and frames, for when your eyes need a new look.

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List of Services

eye exam — Optometry, Vision Care in Brea CA
  • Eye Exams
  • Lasik Consultation
    (Pre and Post-Op Care)
new lenses — Optometry, Vision Care in Brea CA
  • New Frames and Lenses
  • Contact Lens Fitting and Dispensing
vistion test — Optometry, Vision Care in Brea CA
  • Vision Tests
  • Ocular Health Assessments
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